There are the main configuration options to set to have fedocal running. These options are all present and described in the fedocal.cfg file.

The secret key

Set in the configuration file under the key SECRET_KEY, this is a unique, random string which is used by Flask to generate the CSRF key unique for each user.

You can easily generate one using pwgen for example to generate a 50 characters long random key

pwgen 50

The database URL

Fedocal uses SQLAlchemy has Object Relationship Mapper and thus to connect to the database. You need to provide under the key DB_URL in the configuration file the required information to connect to the database.

Examples URLs are:



The key sqlalchemy.url of the alembic.ini file should have the same value as the DB_URL described here.

The admin group

Fedocal relies on a group of administrator to create calendar which are then managed by people from this group. The ADMIN_GROUP field in the configuration file refers to the FAS group that manages this fedocal instance.

See Usage for details explanations on the different administration layer of fedocal.

The SMTP server address

Fedocal sends reminder emails for the meeting for which it has been asked. This tasks is performed by a cron job. The SMTP_SERVER field in the configuration file refers to the address of the SMTP server to use to send these reminders.

This field defaults to SMTP_SERVER='localhost'.

The cron job frequency

Fedocal sends reminder emails for the meeting for which it has been asked. This tasks is performed by a cron job. The CRON_FREQUENCY field in the configuration file refers to the time (in minute) spent between two consecutive run of the cron job. This information is essentiel to accurately retrieve the meetings to remind and avoid sending multiple reminder for one meeting.

This field defaults to CRON_FREQUENCY=30.

Dedicated theme

Fedocal supports having multiple theme. To make your own theme, copy the theme default and adjust it as desired.

Remember: * All the templates from the default theme should exists in your own theme * Copy the templates and the static files

You can then change from one theme to another simply by using the configuration key THEME_FOLDER in the configuration file.


the template and static file of the theme should be located under the default template and static folder, where are currently located to folder named default representing the default theme.

Upload check

From the version 0.4.0, one may upload an iCalendar file into a specified calendar. However fedocal runs some check on the file uploaded, including its file extension and its mimetype.

The configuration file allows to specify a list of allowed file extension, the ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS key and mimetype, the ALLOWED_MIMETYPES key.

Adjust as desired.

Exception email

From the version 0.4.0, fedocal sends email on un-catched exception causing 500 errors to the user. The configuration key EMAIL_ERROR allows to set to who the exception emails will be sent.


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